Technology Consultation Methodology

Here are the strategies PRIMAL GLOW employs when we prepare for and conduct a Technology Consultation.


Technology Consultation Methodology

Begins with a conversation

We meet with key members to:

  • identify proven strategies that engage your stakeholders
  • explore alternative strategies
  • examine potential challenges
  • gather your team’s thoughts on approaches to collecting data (eg. privacy considerations, funder expectations)

Intentional and targeted engagement

We develop an outreach strategy that:

  • engages your established networks
  • identifies and engages community leaders who may be able to encourage participation by others
  • attracts new communities
  • recognizes the informal but important networks that exist
  • utilizes various technology to connect

Gathering information strategically

We design and deploy effective surveys:

  • that are available in formats that work for your team and communities
  • offer confidentiality and accessibility to a large number of stakeholders
  • include a range of question formats (multiple choice, short and long answer) which inspires engagement

Generating and sharing ideas

Our focused discussions:

  • generate input
  • encourage knowledge sharing
  • stimulate innovative thinking
  • explore action possibilities
  • are inspired by the World Cafe style of information gathering
  • can be in-person or conducted via a secure and confidential video conferencing tool

Discussions produce frank feedback

Our key informant interviews:

  • offer more intimate and in-depth exchanges which enable responders to talk about sensitive topics
  • may be conducted in person, by telephone or video conferencing