Environmental Scan of Video Conferencing Tools

Here’s a sample from a Digital Environmental Scan of a digital tool comparison, in this case video conferencing options. PRIMAL GLOW works with our clients to ensure tools are measured in ways relevant to the needs of your community and your organization.

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Text description of Video Conferencing Tool Comparison Chart

The comparison chart focuses on five different video conferencing services.

They are Zoom, Jitsi Meet, Go To Meeting, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

We look at the following features:

  • Bandwidth Usage (including voice calls, 1:1 video calls, video calls with multiple participants)
  • Cost of Service (all-inclusive features, pay per feature, # of devices per video call, open source)
  • Host Usability (simple interface, whiteboard, recording options, file sharing)
  • Participant Usability (Registration requirement, mobile access, PC and Apple friendly)
  • Security (PHIPA/HIPAA compliant, location of servers/server security, encryption available)
  • Accessibility (AODA compliant, additional features – eg closed caption feature)
  • Support Services (support response time, clarity of information provided, questions answered)

Each video conferencing service is rated between 1 (poor) and 5 (great) on each feature. For example, Jitsi Meet is an open source (always free) service and so would rate 5 for Cost of Service.

This is a sample chart and does not necessarily reflect up-to-date feature information for each tool listed nor the current rating for that feature. Not all available video conferencing tools are listed on this sample chart. The PRIMAL GLOW Communications team works with an organization to develop a chart based on its specific digital communication needs.