Training, Coaching and User Guides

PRIMAL GLOW Communications empowers your team to make the most of new digital tools and services with personalized training, coaching and user guides.

Learner-centred training

Comfort and confidence are essential to learning. We create a positive learning environment so staff and volunteers can ask questions and make mistakes before it matters.

We know your people have skills and experience. We build on current expertise to make tech training accessible and relevant.

For example, managing digital privacy is not that different from paper-based privacy. You wouldn’t leave a client’s file on a desk unattended. Would you leave it on your computer desktop?

Trainings can occur in formats that work for your team: group events or one-on-one; in-person, video conferencing, e-learning or over the phone.

Now and later

Our User Guide is a comprehensive resource that distills training information. This isn’t just a great resource for your current team — it’s also helpful when onboarding new staff.

As your organization integrates a new communication tool into regular services, you might hit a few bumps on the road. We’re happy to make the ride smoother with ongoing coaching.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. In fact, your questions help us improve our services!