Technology Consultation

PRIMAL GLOW Communications will facilitate a Technology Consultation with your organization to clarify expectations, define specific needs, understand end-users and establish desired outcomes.

What’s the problem your organization is trying to solve? Why do you think technology can help?

A Consultation will get your stakeholders talking about what technology works for them, what doesn’t and what they want to achieve with it.

Who would participate in a Technology Consultation?

Our Consultations can include or be specific to your:

  • current service users
  • representatives from populations you’d like to serve better
  • board members, management and other decision-makers
  • staff and volunteer teams

What happens at a Consultation?

These discussions explore concerns about digital tools, such as privacy, the digital divide, costs, security risks and staff capacity. They help develop requirements for technology-related RFPs and establish objectives for grant proposals and workplans.

A PRIMAL GLOW Consultation will:

  1. Ensure technological tool selections actually meet identified needs
  2. Enhance staff and volunteer engagement

We conduct consultations in formats that work for your people: in-person discussions and interviews, video-conference events, and surveys.