Technology Audit

A PRIMAL GLOW Technology Audit identifies areas of risk and enables you to prioritize the next steps in building your organization’s technological capacity.

You may not need more technology, but rather more efficient use of what you have currently.

As you integrate a new communication strategy, an Audit can help determine if your current technological infrastructure can support it. For example, video conferencing requires a certain level of internet bandwidth and connection stability.

What happens in a Technology Audit?

Our Technology Audit reviews your organization’s current set up, including:

  • devices (laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones)
  • digital communication tools (email, website, video-conference, chat, text)
  • internal network
  • internet connection
  • security (firewall, anti-virus)
  • storage (backup, cloud)

With each audit, we provide:

  • a Technology Inventory Report, including a Network Map
  • a comprehensive Glossary of Terms
  • recommendations for the current set up
  • general information on IT capacity building

We also offer coaching on how to work with system administrators and other IT people.