Policies and Procedures

As you well know, policies and procedures create a framework for regular activity and a foundation for emergencies. By acknowledging risks, they help you get ahead of problems before they happen and prepare you for when they do.

New challenges with new technology

Digital communication present new challenges for organizations, including privacy issues for clients and work/personal life boundaries for staff.

PRIMAL GLOW Communications has a solid track record of creating readable and relevant policies that include clear reasons why.

People follow organizational requirements when they understand why they exist and the consequences when they are not. They are more likely to read and understand policies written in plain language.

We can update your current policies to include the digital communication your team uses now. We’ll identify risks and suggest ways to manage it with appropriate procedures.

We also develop policies and procedures for pilot projects and other new services that integrate digital communication tools.

Such guidelines are only effective when they are followed. PRIMAL GLOW offers training and user guides that introduce policies and procedures your team and inspire their compliance.