Digital Environmental Scan

Looking to integrate a new communication tool to enhance service delivery or internal processes?

PRIMAL GLOW Communications conducts Digital Environmental Scans to help organizations make technology-related decisions.

What is a Digital Environmental Scan?

Our Digital Environmental Scan is an exploration of technological options that might fill your need.

Each option is weighed on factors such as functionality, cost (up-front and long-term), ease-of-use and system compatibility. We’ll include your sector-specific concerns, like PHIPA and AODA compliance.

Our comprehensive report will compare tools, so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Planning ahead?

How will external forces effect your current service delivery as well as future use of technology?

PRIMAL GLOW also undertakes Digital Environmental Scans to explore trends and emerging issues that may impact an organization’s work.

Legislative changes and new technological developments, such as spyware, can transform how an organization does business online or the digital risks their support seekers face.